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Top 10 Sports Racing Steering Wheel Supplier In Australia

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Motorsport is all about what equipment you have; it is a differentiating factor of results between being a winner and just a participant. Of all the critical decisions, choosing a good quality sports racing steering wheel enhances the car’s performance and pushes the driving experience to newer heights. There is no higher need for top-level racing steering wheels. Australia has elevated its much-emerging motorsport culture and the increment of racing enthusiasts to such a point.

Racing steering wheels are more than functional components; they are a crucial interface between man and machine. Modernly formed steering wheels beautifully provide much better grip by hand and control; they play an essential role in the interior aesthetics of any racing or modified car. This would imply selecting a supplier that is critical not only to the quality and reliability of the product but also to support and expertise, which could help improve your overall racing setup.

This post runs through Australia’s top ten sports racing steering wheel suppliers and outlines what makes their products stand out in a competitive marketplace.

What Makes a High-Quality Sports Racing Steering Wheel?

When it comes to a sports racing steering wheel, the devil lies in the details. The industry’s premium range of steering wheels boasts the best materials, ergonomic design, and leading-edge technology that has gone into the production of the wheel for its performance, durability, and comfort to the user.


One is the choice of material, which can impact the steering wheel’s feelings and longevity. Most premium steering wheels meant for racing are usually manufactured from high-grade leather, suede, or advanced composites that are used for grip and resistance to wear.

The material is premium from the touch: leather and suede, both enjoying good adherence when high lateral forces are encountered. Composites, on the other hand, are materials like carbon fibre that are very light yet very rigid, hence helping even in cutting down the weight of the overall setup for steering.


The design of the racing steering wheel is ergonomically shaped: this will be one of the critical factors that will help. This means the wheel will be comfortable in one’s hands with contours that follow a natural grip. Also noticed is the flat bottom or D-shape of the wheel, which are features standard for allowing race car setups more legroom and ease of ingress and egress. Therefore, the wheel’s diameter and depth (or the dish itself) are vital; smaller wheels will give quicker reactions with a more direct feel.


Modern racing cars come loaded with everything from functional to safety-gizmo technology enhancements on the steering wheels. All of them have some quick-release hub that allows the wheel to come off faster and, therefore, eases ingress and egress from the cockpit, which is vital in an emergency. Equally, buttons and dials are built into the steering wheel and allow the driver to make changes without ever taking his hands off the wheel.

Top 10 Suppliers of Sports Racing Steering Wheels in Australia

Whether supplies are sought at each entry, mid-level, or top of motorsport, Australia offers a vibrant, diverse racing and automotive tuning scene. The top 10 suppliers of racing steering wheels in the country are:


MOONEYES modern and vintage to create an absolute masterpiece custom steering wheel full of flair and personality. It comes with the most exquisite and exclusive wheels.


It is well reputable because it offers a very reasonable price for high-performance steering wheels. There is always a product from Autotecnica that matches anything, from the street to those dedicated to racers, and this always stamps them as a favourite.

OMP Racing

There could be no worthier supplier to some of the most prestigious steering wheels in all motorsport than Italian quality with a forward-thinking design. The product is primarily used in circuits worldwide and celebrates quality, reliability, and advanced features.


The brand’s very high name made MOMO sports racing steering wheels famous. More than known for their superb design, MOMO racing wheels are said to be among the best wheels for most professionals in racing and tuning.


Sparco blends luxury with utility and offers steering wheels that truly become beautiful and useful. The wheels designed by this brand help add comfort and control while driving in high-speed environments.


Specialised in luxurious wooden and leather steering wheels, Nardi is the brand for all-class and classic style. Most of the time, their wheels are the ones one would go for if they want to combine performance with the classic look inside the car.


Prodrive has a reputation for high professional racing involvements, and through this, it brings the leading steering technology to customers. This track-duty steering wheel is assured by racers with its precision and endurance.

Grip Royal

Grip Royal takes pride in allowing its customers to express their style with custom stylistic steering wheel designs, all matching fashion and function, finished in any combination of finishes and materials.


Velo is an essential Australian brand that can be used for either protection or racing equipment. Their steering wheels are designed with local racing in mind, meeting the track and street requirements.


And to those Holden fans, Hjson provides a replica of the steering wheels that should get the spirit of Australia’s automotive heritage. Its products fit the customers who require them to keep the look and feel of its vintage Holdens.

JDM Store

Positioned as the critical supplier in the sophisticated market with a high performance-oriented market, JDM Store has a range of supreme quality steering wheels at the helm. They cater to a very specialised market that demands actual Japanese design and a product that would give excellent handling.

Unique Products or Services Offered by These Suppliers

The top ten Australian sports racing steering wheel suppliers bring quality products to the marketplace with some flair or unique selling point that makes them different. Here’s what sets each supplier apart:


It provides the opportunity to order custom-made steering wheels produced according to individual projects, for example, a wheel with engraved logos or different coloured stitching so that every wheel is different and meets the customer’s requirements.


This Autotecnica is the most known one in history. It bears the name for its versatility, from general use on the road to specific racing applications.

OMP Racing:

The best thing about it is its broadest range of options for materials, which may be leather or suede, and several ergonomic designs are made for different racing conditions and preferences.


Their steering wheels are famous for being lightweight and made of cutting-edge materials such as carbon fibre to make them even stronger while reducing weight and, in the end, improving the vehicle’s response.


The company offers a line of steering wheels with advanced safety features, like quick-release mechanisms. This advance is for quick-release steering wheels, allowing easy steering wheel removal whenever a driver comes into an emergency.


In this sense, Nardi offers a line of steering wheels, entirely realised in fine wood or the best leather, corresponding to the taste of the most demanding enthusiast of mechanical excellence, refinement, and exclusivity in style.


The world-class technology includes steering wheels built with the high expectations of professional racing: integrated controls for vehicle dynamics and data logging.

Grip Royal

Also known for their fashion-aware approach, they are in a position to offer highly customisable steering wheels to suit any taste one would have in mind, from wood to leather and even bright colour patterns for the youngest and style-conscious audience.


Specialising in bespoke solutions, they provide steering wheels that could be designed for personal ergonomic requirements according to reaching comfort and performance in a particular race track environment.


Taking its place in a specialised niche, HDT offers authentically unique replicas of classic Holden steering wheels for those looking to complete the restoration of a new project or keep the vibe of yesteryear alive in their retro-modern vehicle.

JDM Store

JDM Store supplies high-quality JDM steering wheels and offers expert advice and support for tuning and performance enhancements, making them a valuable resource for JDM enthusiasts.

How These Steering Wheels Enhance the Driving Experience

Improved Grip and Control

The steering wheels make sure that there is a firm grip and control built with quality. They are made from materials such as suede and leather that feel comfortable and provide a surface where one cannot slide their hands off while making those hot or extreme driving manoeuvres. The better grip this offers is helpful for even holding the vehicle at high speed or under adverse conditions, which aids in driving safely and confidently.

Ergonomic Benefits

Advanced ergonomic designs, customised to the racing requirements, reduce driver fatigue over long durations and often comprise contours matching the hands while keeping off exertion to enhance the driver’s comfort.

Flat bottoms of the features or even the D-shaped wheels ensure an increased amount of space in the cockpit so that there is enough room for the legs. This is essential on long races or when driving for a long time.


The smaller diameter of the racing model-like steering wheel implies faster and more reactive steering inputs—an essential requirement in racing, where, more importantly, precision and timing are. In the process, this enables the driver to react much faster and make an adjustment with just a little movement of turning the wheel.

Weight Reduction

On top of the level, the racing steering wheels generally have lightweight materials like carbon fibre. With the weight of the steering setup reduced, the rotational inertia becomes less, and thus, there is a quicker steering response. All these affect improved vehicle dynamics.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Beyond functionality, a premium steering wheel upgrades the interior aesthetics of any vehicle. From a clean carbon fibre pattern to an old-school wooden finish, even with customised detailing, a high-quality steering wheel will give your car cockpit a whole new face, reflecting your driving style and increasing the pleasure of the driving experience.


In conclusion, choosing the right sports racing steering wheel is crucial for any driving enthusiast who values performance, safety, and style. The top 10 racing steering wheel suppliers in Australia offer various options that cater to diverse needs, from high-performance racing to stylish upgrades for street cars. Each supplier brings something unique: advanced technology, custom designs, or heritage craftsmanship.

Among these top suppliers, JDM Store stands out for its dedication to quality and authenticity, particularly in the JDM and performance-oriented market. JDM Store provides an extensive selection of steering wheels and supports its customers with expert advice and tuning services. For those passionate about Japanese Domestic Market products or seeking to enhance their vehicle’s performance with reliable, high-quality components, JDM Store is an excellent choice.


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